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Research And Development

Research and Development is the cornerstone of Global’s mission. Global has built considerable R & D Department. Global has built up considerable R & D strength. centered around a knowledge–base of a pharmacist , chemist and a manager who heads R & D department.Our major strengths lie in the development and commercialization of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients and dosage forms, in line with international regulatory and quality requirements. Innovation is our strategic and tactical priority and we agree with Tom Peters “Get innovative or get dead,” so we believe in self sustaining and long lasting innovative effect.

R & D Focus

• New Solid dosage forms.
• Development of current products as well as commercial products.

R & D Procedure and Processes

• Literature search
• Pre- formulation trials
• Ingredients analytical studies
• Formulation studies.
• Stability studies.

Scope of R & D

Scope of R & D Department covers following activities, which are focused on product’s efficacy, safety, stability and economy. The activities are as follows:
To design and develop new products.
To improve current formulations keeping in view Quality with economy.
To study the market and in house complaints relating products and make proper remedies for them.
To conduct stability studies of the trial batches and first three commercial batches of new product as a trial and design validation and having an appropriate data.
To check the stability of near to expiry /expired products received from market or in-house retained samples of Post Market Studies.
Extension in shelf life of the products based on proper stability data.To establish and implement the validation system on processes, methods and personnel.